Spielbergs – “Running All The Way Home”

Spielbergs – “Running All The Way Home”

Spielbergs, the Oslo Band To Watch known for humongous life-affirming whoa-oh barroom rock, released their debut album This Is Not The End last fall. Less than a year later they’re back today with news of an EP called Running All The Way Home.

The EP features five new tracks. A physical edition tacks on three songs from their debut EP that have never been available on vinyl before now. Running All The Way Home’s title track, opening song, and lead single has one of those choruses Spielbergs made their name on, with big power chords and a gigantic melody that has me picturing singer-guitarist Mads Baklien passionately scrunching up his face. At The Fader, Baklien offers context on the track:

“Running All The Way Home” is a song about regret. You can’t undo what you’ve done. You can apologise to the people you’ve hurt all you want, you can promise to do better in the future, but it will not fix things. You will just have to wait it out and see what happens.

Listen below.

01 “Running All The Way Home”
02 “This Is Not The End”
03 “Oh No”
04 “The Sum”
05 “Fake A Reaction”
06 “Ghost Boy” (physical only)
07 “Daisy! It’s The New Me” (physical only)
08 “Setting Sun” (physical only)

Running All The Way Home is out 10/25 on By The Time It Gets Dark. Pre-order it here.

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