Sheena Ozzella, Anika Pyle, & Augusta Koch Release Debut Simple Pleasures EP

Sheena Ozella (of Lemuria), Anika Pyle (of Katie Ellen, Chumped), and Augusta Koch (of Gladie, Cayetana) have teamed up as a trio known as Sheena, Anika, and Augusta for a new EP called Simple Pleasures. The three of them are already pretty great on their own, so naturally that means they’re pretty great together.

The four songs on Simple Pleasures are stripped back but impactful, little more than guitar and their wonderful voices intermingling. On “For Billy,” the EP’s closing track, they go full on Mountain Man and simply harmonize with each other, no instrumentation needed.

Check it out below.

The Simple Pleasures EP is out now via Asian Man Records.