Foxes In Fiction – “Antibody” & “Rush To Spark”

Foxes In Fiction – “Antibody” & “Rush To Spark”

For just about a decade now, Warren Hildebrand has been releasing dreamy elegies as Foxes In Fiction, in addition to acting as the expert curator behind the label Orchid Tapes. The project has two full-lengths to its name, 2010’s Swung From The Branches and 2014’s Ontario Gothic, and next month Hildebrand is adding a third album to that list, Trillium Killer.

It features contributions from Emily Reo, Emily Yacina, and Eric Littmann, among others, and today Hildebrand is introducing the album with two new songs, “Antibody” and “Rush To Spark.” Both are abstracted anxiety attacks, unfolding like a panic in slow motion. “I heard a voice say to me: ‘It’s never going to be enough,” Hildebrand sings on the latter, a persistent drum machine like a reminder to keep breathing steadily.

Hildebrand shared a statement about the pair of tracks:

‘Antibody’ and ‘Rush to Spark’ are at their core two songs about the effects of medication.

‘Antibody’ is a song about HIV anxiety as a sexually active queer person brought on by homophobic stigma around the virus and what happens when you’re liberated from that anxiety by taking PrEP drugs like Truvada and how that can reframe a person’s understanding of HIV and help eliminate internalized social-sexual stigmatization of HIV-positive people.

‘Rush to Spark’ is about getting a sense of what it feels like to be neurotypical after finding medication that works for you but still living with the understanding that mental illness is going to be something that you’re going to have to deal with and maintain for the rest of your life. It’s also about the stress and tension that you unintentionally (or intentionally) can put on your own life and lives of people around you when you’re experiencing episodes caused by your illness.

Listen to both of them below.

01 “Ontario Sunshine”
02 “A Softer World”
03 “Extinguisher”
04 “Rush To Spark”
05 “Say Yes To Violence”
06 “Ontario Sunshine Pt. 2″
07 “Antibody”
08 “Summer Of The Gun”
09 “Trillium Killer”
10 “Second Chances / Vantablack”

10/25 Montreal, QC @ Saint-Édouard Church / Église Saint-Édouard
11/02 Brooklyn, NY @ Public Records

Trillium Killer is out 10/18 via Orchid Tapes. Pre-order it here.

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