Hear “III” From Sufjan Stevens’ The Decalogue Score

Hear “III” From Sufjan Stevens’ The Decalogue Score

Back in 2017, Justin Peck’s ballet The Decalogue premiered at the New York City Ballet with an original score by Sufjan Stevens. It’s one of many collaborations between the two acclaimed creatives; just this year they teamed up again on a ballet called Principia. But rather than letting it disappear downward into the news feed abyss for all eternity, Sufjan is known to sometimes spotlight his older or more obscure work by giving it a grand release via his Asthmatic Kitty label (see: his various Christmas box sets). His Decalogue score is getting just such a treatment.

Yesterday Sufjan announced he’ll release The Decalogue via his label, which is now apparently known as AKR rather than Asthmatic Kitty Recordings. On record, the score — which is 10 tracks long, as the linguists among you might discern — is performed by pianist Timo Andres. Those curious about its sound can sample “III,” an early offering shared this week along with the announcement. As for the dancing it was meant to soundtrack, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Listen below.

The Decalogue is out 10/18 digitally and 12/6 physically via AKR. Pre-order it here.

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