Hear Sleigh Bells Cover “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” For Blake Lively Thriller The Rhythm Section

Sleigh Bells have recorded a cover of the traditional folk song “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” — also sometimes called “In The Pines” or “My Girl” — for the upcoming thriller The Rhythm Section. The movie, which was directed by Reed Morano, is about a woman (Blake Lively) who hunts down those responsible for killing her family in a plane crash. Blake Lively wears like 30 different wigs in the trailer and has a British accent. It looks like a lot of fun.

The song has been covered a bunch of times over the years. One notable version is by Nirvana, which they played during their MTV Unplugged session and based on the 1940s rendition by Lead Belly.

“The Nirvana + Lead Belly versions are total classics so this was terrifying but we went for it,” Sleigh Bells wrote in a tweet. “Movie looks incredible…”

You can hear a bit of their cover in the trailer below, and the band says the full cover should hit streaming services in a week or two.

UPDATE: Here’s the full audio.

The Rhythm Section hits theaters 1/31.