Polo G – “Heartless” (Feat. Mustard) Video

A few months ago, the young Chicago rapper Polo G released Die A Legend, an absolutely mesmerizing debut album full of hypnotic melodies, half-sung murmur-threats, and bleak existential despair. It’s one of the best rap albums that anyone has made thus far in 2019. Die A Legend features one big hit — “Pop Out,” a team-up with the teenage Bronx sing-rapper Lil Tjay, which just missed the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100. And Polo G could’ve followed that one up by jumping on 15 songs from other rappers. From a career standpoint, that might’ve even been the right thing to do. But that’s not the kind of rapper that Polo G is.

Instead, Polo G is a meticulous writer and a solitary craftsman. He generally seems to prefer working on his own, casting spells on his own songs rather than attempting to register as a presence on other people’s. So today, Polo G has followed Die A Legend with a new solo single called “Heartless.” It’s very much in the vein of the stuff that he’s already made, and it’s full of sleepy guitars that make Polo G’s connection to the blues all the more obvious. The veteran California rap producer Mustard, formerly DJ Mustard, made the song with Polo G. (Mustard gets a featured credit, but he doesn’t do anything vocally on the song.)

In director Ryan Lynch’s “Heartless” video, Polo G, who now lives in California, returns to his old Chicago stomping grounds and wears a very nice denim jacket. Watch it below.

“Heartless” is out now on the streaming services.