Jimmy Eat World – “All The Way (Stay)” Video

Arizona emo greats Jimmy Eat World have been a band since 1993. In the past 26 years, they’ve only had one lineup change; original bassist Rich Porter quit sometime around 1995. The band’s masterpiece Clarity turned 20 earlier this year. Jimmy Eat World have never broken up and never stopped making music. If they want to name their new album Surviving, I’d say they’ve earned the right.

This morning, Jimmy Eat World announced the impending release of Surviving, album number 10 for them. The new LP is coming next month, and it follows 2016’s deeply satisfying Integrity Blues. The band worked on the album with veteran producer and Nine Inch Nails/M83 collaborator Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who also produced Integrity Blues. In a press release, frontman Jim Adkins says, “Surviving explores some of the different kinds of weights my ego tells me I have to carry, what I see people around me choosing to carry and what I have found to be the truth when I choose to let go.”

Right now, we can hear two songs from the album. First, there’s the proper single “All The Way (Stay),” a triumphant cruncher with a squawking sax solo and backing vocals from that dog’s Rachel Haden. Director Daniel Carberry’s video tells parallel stories about two charismatic young layabouts, a pool-hustling pilot and a seafaring cowboy-dirtbag type. Here it is:

Meanwhile, the band has also shared a new recording of “Love Never,” a bright and catchy song that the band released on a 7″ single earlier this year:

01 “Surviving”
02 “Criminal Energy”
03 “Delivery”
04 “555”
05 “One Mil”
06 “All The Way (Stay)”
07 “Diamond”
08 “Love Never”
09 “Recommit”
10 “Congratulations”

Surviving is out 10/18 on RCA.