Konradsen – “Dice”

Konradsen is the Norwegian duo comprising vocalist and pianist Jenny Marie Sabel and multi-instrumentalist Eirik Vildgren. Back in August, we caught up with Vildgren, and we named them a Band To Watch based on the singles from their spectacular upcoming album, Saints And Sebastian Stories, which is due out later this month. Along with that interview, the duo shared “Television Land,” a soulful piano ballad that transforms into lush holographic soft-rock. Today, the duo are back with “Dice,” another track from that upcoming album.

Much like “Television Land,” this one is reliant on simple piano trills at first. “Dice,” however, incorporates some atypical samples, such as beer bottles, cutlery, and piano strings. In combination, all of these random elements effervescently lift up Sabel’s nonchalant delivery. The placements surrounding the lyrics feel electrifying and full of intent. Ad-libbed vocal sections float in and out of focus, winding up and around the spindly warbles of sound. Here’s what the band had to say about the song:

It’s our common search for a good place to be. We didn’t have much experience recording music, but we were really tuned into searching and discovering. This became the foundation for Konradsen’s recordings, lyrically, sonically and thematically. “Dice” set the mood and direction for the rest of the record. We use a lot of sounds from Eirik’s bedroom. You can hear beer bottles being opened, the sound of cutlery, piano strings, and Eirik’s younger brother taking out of the dishwasher. The piano and Jenny’s voice are really the center of this song, with all the other sounds accompanying and accentuating them. It’s a sweet song, and a sad song. It’s the only love story on the record.

Listen to “Dice” below.

Saints and Sebastian Stories is out 10/25 via Cascine and Su Tissue. Pre-order it here.

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