Hear Pusha T Rap Over The Succession Theme Music

With apologies to The Righteous Gemstones — the other extremely funny saga of a rich and terrible family currently airing Sunday nights on HBO — Succession is the best thing currently on TV. Succession, HBO’s deeply uncomfortable comedy about the clan of shitheads in charge of a right-wing media empire, is a fascinating and beautifully filmed and relentlessly quotable piece of television craftsmanship, and it’s required viewing even if you hate every last character. (You should really hate every last character.) Evidently, Pusha T feels this way, too.

Eight days after the tragic Succession failson Kendall Roy rapped about the power of his father, Pusha has shared a quick clip of himself rapping over the stark, dramatic Succession theme music. According to his Twitter, this is a mere taste of “Puppets,” a new single that’ll be out on Friday and that’s marked as a collaboration from Pusha and Nicholas Britell. Pusha, well used to documenting the moneymaking habits of amoral people, should be right at home.

Nicholas Britell might be the most exciting composer currently working in Hollywood. He’s responsible for scoring movies like Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk, The Big Short, and Vice. Britell also does the score for Succession, and he wrote the weirdly compelling theme music. Britell has always been open about being inspired by rap music, so it’s cool that he’s getting a chance to hear one of the best rappers in the world over his music. Check out that clip of “Puppets” below.

“Puppets” is out 10/11. We don’t usually post teaser clips of songs on this website, but sometimes you just want to hear Pusha T rapping over the Succession theme music.