New “Experimental” Coldplay Album Reportedly Out Next Month

It’s been nearly four years since Coldplay released A Head Full Of Dreams, their last album. They spent about two years touring the record, and they’ve been occasionally resurfacing for odd little one-offs like the Pharrell collab that they released last year. But now it looks like the Coldplay machine is warming up again. They may have a new album out as early as next month.

The UK newspaper Daily Star reports that, according to sources close to the band, Colplay are planning to release a November album that will focus on “the more experimental side of Coldplay.” Apparently, the story is that they’re planning on releasing two albums relatively close together — a weirder and more oblique one first and then a mainstream pop record afterward. That same source claims that they’ll tour once the second album is out.

Coldplay themselves appear to be teasing this album. This poster has appeared in subway stations in São Paulo, Brazil:

So! 11/22! Get ready for experimental Coldplay! It’s worth noting that Coldplay have gone with this approach before. They put out their moody, Bon Iver-influenced Ghost Stories in 2014. A year and a half later, they were playing around with stadium EDM sounds on A Head Full Of Dreams.

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