Noname, Saba, & Smino Announce New Supergroup Ghetto Sage, Tease New Music Coming This Week

Noname, Saba, and Smino are all wordy, insightful Chicago-based rappers. They all prefer rapping over lush, melodic music. They’ve recorded two songs together: “Shadow Man,” from Noname’s 2016 album Telefone, and “Ace,” from None’s 2018 album Room 25. They’ve performed together a few times, including on The Tonight Show. They all make sense together. And now they’re a group.

For months now, Noname, Saba, and Smino have been talking publicly about the idea of forming a supergroup together. It’s happening now. As The FADER points out, the three rappers are now making music under the name Ghetto Sage. They’ve started a Ghetto Sage Twitter account. And along with photos of themselves, they’ve basically announced that they’ll have some new music out this coming Thursday.

Presumably, they don’t already have a whole album loaded up and ready to go. But anything these three want to do is cool.