Watch The Mountain Goats Debut New Song “Let Me Bathe In Demonic Light”

The Mountain Goats never really let up with releasing new music. John Darnielle’s project put out a new full-length, In League With Dragons, this past spring, and they’ve already shared three other new songs since then.

For their latest trick, Darnielle has debuted a new song as part of the North Carolina Arts Council’s In The Water performance series. It’s called “Let Me Bathe In Demonic Light,” and Darnielle traveled to John Coltrane’s hometown of Hamlet, NC to perform the track and highlight some of the state’s rich musical heritage. (I live here now! Rock on.) Darnielle has operated the band out of Durham for a while now, and judging by the interview portion that precedes the new song, it’s clear he has a deep appreciation for the area.

Watch his performance of “Let Me Bathe In Demonic Light” below (starts at 2m28s if you’re impatient) and his full In The Water session below.