Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Here Come The Warm Dreads” (Feat. Brian Eno)

Here we have a meeting of two geniuses responsible for transforming the way many of us hear music. Dub legend Lee “Scratch” Perry has teamed with glam pioneer-turned-ambient icon Brian Eno on a new track called “Here Come The Warm Dreads.” Sadly, it is not a dub remix of Eno’s classic “Here Come The Warm Jets,” the title track from his phenomenal 1974 solo debut.

Instead, they’ve taken a crack at “Makumba Rock,” a song from Perry’s recent album Rainford. It’ll be included on the upcoming dub companion album Heavy Rain. (A press release contextualizes the releases within Perry’s discography: “If Rainford is 2019’s Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread then Heavy Rain is its Super Ape.”) Longtime Perry collaborator Adrian Sherwood, whose On-U Sound label will release the LP, was also involved in the making of the track.

Hear “Here Come The Warm Dreads” below, where you can also hear the original “Makumba Rock,” watch the Heavy Rain trailer and, just for the hell of it, “Here Come The Warm Jets” too.

01 “Intro – Music Shall Echo”
02 “Here Come The Warm Dreads” (Feat. Brian Eno)
03 “Rattling Bones And Crowns” (Feat. Vin Gordon)
04 “Mindworker” (Feat. Gaudi)
05 “Enlightened” (Feat. Gaudi)
06 “Hooligan Hank”
07 “Crickets In Moonlight” (Feat. Vin Gordon)
08 “Space Craft” (Feat. Gaudi)
09 “Dreams Come True” (Feat. Gaudi)
10 “Above And Beyond”
11 “Heavy Rainford” (Feat. Vin Gordon)
12 “Outro – Wisdom”

Heavy Rain is out 12/6 via On-U Sound. Pre-order it here.