Watch The Trailer For Open Mike Eagle’s Documentary Series About His Pro Wrestling Debut

Last year, Open Mike Eagle, indie-rap great and longtime wrestling fan, got himself into an actual, honest-to-god wrestling match. Shiloh Jonze, an indie wrestler who sometimes raps, called OME out in a video, which led to a whole storyline about the two of them feuding. Eventually, the two of them met in the ring. The Louisville federation Ohio Valley Wrestling booked OME against Jonze, and they had a match. Mick Foley, WWE Hall Of Famer and three-time WWE Champion, was in OME’s corner. And Open Mike Eagle won his first-ever wrestling match.

Today, OME is launching his Patreon, which seems like a perfectly smart thing for a widely beloved indie rapper to do. And he’s come up with a very good reason why you should pay him $4 or $7 per month: Clap Back, a new documentary series about the experience. Lance Bangs, the long-tenured filmmaker who’s worked on about a million music videos and TV series, directs.

Today, OME announced the series and shared the trailer. The show looks enormously entertaining. At least in the trailer, Mike never breaks character; he presents the pro wrestling match like it’s a real fight. A great many wrestling luminaries appear: Foley, Tommy Dreamer, Ken Anderson, Jim Cornette. Watch the trailer below.

You can subscribe to Open Mike Eagle’s Patreon here.