CocoRosie – “Smash My Head” Video

It’s been a while since we’ve heard a whole lot from CocoRosie, the art-pop duo of sisters Sierra and Bianca Casady. In the early days of this decade, there was enough argument swirling around the group that Stereogum felt like it had to publish a damn artists’ op-ed roundtable to defend them. But CocoRosie haven’t released an album since 2015’s Heartache City, and they haven’t demanded the world’s attention since they teamed up with ANOHNI on the 2017 protest rager “Smoke ‘Em Out.” But that’ll change early next year, when CocoRosie release their new LP Put The Shine On.

CocoRosie have been quietly busy this year, improbably showing up on Chance The Rapper’s album The Big Day and releasing the single “Lamb And The Wolf” in August. Today, they debut their video for the Put The Shine On single “Smash My Head.” It’s a polished song but a busy one, and at various moments, it sounds like mid-’00s festival-indie, ’90s industrial pop, car-commercial jungle, and operatic arena-goth. Bianca Casady directed the costume-heavy video. Below, watch the video, check out the album’s tracklist, and see what CocoRosie have to say about the song.

In a press release, CocoRosie write:

For us, our song “Smash My Head” is a running-on-fire cry from the teenage heart, an inner scream we never dared to let out. The song climaxes in an exaltation, an expression of ecstatic death. It journeys from a hard-knock desert childhood scene to a transcendent cosmic passing to another realm.

01 “High Road”
02 “Mercy”
03 “Restless”
04 “Smash My Head”
05 “Where Did All The Soldiers Go”
06 “Hell’s Gate”
07 “Did Me Wrong”
08 “Lamb And The Wolf”
09 “Slow Down Sun Down”
10 “Burning Down The House”
11 “Ruby Red Bass”
12 “Aloha Friday”

Put The Shine On is out 3/6 on Marathon Artists.