Tacocat – “Retrograde”

Earlier this year, the fuzzy, hooky Seattle punks Tacocat came out with their new album This Mess Is A Place. Today, they’ve followed it up with “Retrograde,” a new standalone single written in honor of the new Mercury retrograde that’s apparently causing all of us to act all fucked up these days. (It would be great if that was the explanation, honestly.) While the rest of the world celebrates Halloween, Tacocat celebrate astrological phenomena.

“Retrograde” is a two-minute song, and it transitions from oblique, spidery verses to a big, juicy chorus. The whole thing reminds me a bit of Slant 6, and that’s a compliment. Listen to the song below.

This Mess Is A Place and “Retrograde” are both out now on Sub Pop. Also, Tacocat are headlining a big Halloween party tonight at Neumo’s in Seattle.

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