Fabrizio Morettis Announce Auction

Fabrizio “Fab” Moretti is a visual artist and the drummer for the Strokes. Fabrizio Moretti, no relation, is an art dealer and collector who specializes in Old Masters. Together, they fight crime exhibit and sell art.

Today, Sotheby’s has announced “Fabrizio Moretti x Fabrizio Moretti | In Passing,” an exhibition and auction curated by the two Morettis. Maze-like interactive installations designed and fabricated by Fab Moretti will be paired with over 20 Old Master paintings and sculptures selected by Fabrizio Moretti to highlight specific themes in the works.

“I was intrigued to collaborate with another Fabrizio who shares my name, a man who is both a respected visual artist and musician who excels across disciplines, much like the artists featured in the exhibition, and to re-discover these themes with him,” says Fabrizio Moretti in a statement. “We hope that each viewer, by bringing their own perspective and background to the forefront of this immersive experience, will develop an emotional connection to the history of these pieces.”

“I was attracted to this project by this idea of perspective,” Fab Moretti adds. “The goal of this installation is to construct a process of orientation that abstracts and individualizes the experience of witnessing art … The installation speaks to the relevance of Old Masters today and will hopefully highlight the humanism that is threaded throughout the pieces. I hope to honor Fabrizio’s collection, his wealth of knowledge and the passion he brings with it.”

The show will run at Sotheby’s New York from 12/15 to 12/18, when a live auction will be held. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to benefit the International Rescue Committee, which responds to humanitarian crises, and of course, the Fabrizio Moretti Foundation, an Italian non-profit that gives individuals with disabilities access to the therapeutic benefits of horses.