Fireworks – “Demitasse”

We last heard from Fireworks way back in 2014, when the ambitious Detroit pop-punk band released their third album, Oh, Common Life. They announced an indefinite hiatus the following year, but it appears that hiatus is now over, and dramatically so.

Fireworks’ Twitter account posted today for the first time in more than two years. The tweet linked to a website, where you can take a short metaphysical/sociological/anthropological survey and hear an epic new song called “Demitasse,” named for a small coffee cup typically used for espresso. Among the questions on the survey: Do you believe a higher power is in control of your life? Are you too busy to notice war? Cult + Time Elapsed = Religion? What is the modern form of Satanic Panic?

The song itself is a stunner that suggests Fireworks aren’t really a pop-punk band anymore. Ranging from the atmospheric to the bombastic, it’s a grand bit of post-rock balladry built around the refrain, “Turn me into a dark cloud.” There are also electronic beats and a Sufjan-esque twee choir. David Mackinder’s familiar croak is there in the middle of it all, but otherwise it seems Fireworks have returned transformed — arguably for the better because this shit rules.

Listen here.

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