Johnny Marr Responds To Smiths Reunion Rumors

Rumors of a Smiths reunion began swirling this week after a “trusted source” reportedly told Morrissey fan site Morrissey-Solo that “concert industry insiders, not authorized to speak publicly, say concert giant ‘Live Nation’ has won the rights” to a planned tour reuniting Moz with guitarist Johnny Marr. Not so, says guitarist Johnny Marr.

The Independent reports that Marr shut down the rumors in response to a fan tweeting directly at him for confirmation. “Need to know pretty sharpish so I can get a loan and sell everything I own to go to every date,” the fan wrote on Twitter.

Marr managed to answer the question and get in a pretty sick burn at his old bandmate in one fell swoop: “Nigel Farage on guitar.” That’s a reference to another old white right-wing British guy — although even Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit party, thinks that supporters of Morrissey’s beloved For Britain Party are a bunch of “Nazis and racists.”