Lil Baby – “Woah”

The young, ascendant Atlanta sing-rapper Lil Baby may never come up with a better line than “waah waah waah, bitch I’m Lil Baby,” but he will never stop trying. Lil Baby remains a relentlessly prolific force. Just over a year ago, he and fellow up-and-comer Gunna released the collaborative LP Drip Harder, one of last year’s best rap albums. He followed that one up a couple of months later with the solo mixtape Street Gossip. He’s ben an inescapable guest-appearance presence for the last two years. And now there’s a new single.

Today, Lil Baby comes out with the new track “Woah” (which is not how you spell the word “whoa”). Lil Baby made the track with producer Quay Global, and it doesn’t exactly break new ground for either of them. It’s a fairly standard Atlanta trap song. But Lil Baby has a way with a hook, and there’s something hypnotic about the way he settles into that misspelled title word. Check out the track below.

“Woah” is out now on the streaming services.

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