Loose Buttons – “Something Better”

Loose Buttons are a four-piece composed of native New Yorkers making serendipitous garage-rock. They’re announcing their debut album today, titled Something Better, and it’s due out in February. The full-length serves as a follow-up to the band’s 2017 self-released EP, Sundays. Also today, we get to hear the lead single, which just also happens to be the title track.

“Something Better” is sunny, summery, and smashes its way into consciousness with raucous guitars and layers of reverb. This track feels what White Reaper might sound like if they were from New Jersey instead of Kentucky. It’s got that pop-punk flare in its chord construction, but tonally has an unbridled optimism that peers through the clouds of sound. As the opening lyrics go: “I know what I’m expected to say/ I guess you like it best that way/ Yet again I think I’m trying to find/ Something better.”

Here’s lead singer Eric Nizgretsky, on the track:

It’s really about the ultimate goal of creating a life I can be proud of while learning to cope with those pesky, looming doubts. Over the years I’ve been forced to take a look back at my parents’ failed marriage, among other things, and I guess my fear is that the relationships I hold dear in my life will inevitably end in similar ways. It’s those potential setbacks and uncertainties that’ve served as motivation to channel my fears into something positive, or rather, “something better.”

Listen to “Something Better” below.

01 “Something Better”
02 “Home Movies (Let Down Lately)”
03 “Strangers In A Nightclub”
04 “Fell Into A Hole”
05 “You Always Look So Cool”
06 “Hell Is A Lonely Penthouse View”
07 “6:17″
08 “I Don’t Really Know”

Something Better is out 2/7. Pre-save it here.

CREDIT: Joshua Aronson