Alice Bag Band – “No Gifts For Nazis”

Alice Bag Band – “No Gifts For Nazis”

We might have a new holiday classic on our hands, folks. Sadly, very few Christmas carols include the image of Santa Clause beating the shit out of white supremacists. But today, we’ve got a new entry in the canon. Punk legend Alice Bag has a new single, a two-minute ripper called “No Gifts For Nazis.”

Alice Bag has been active in punk rock since before most of us were alive. In the late ’70s and early ’80s, Bag led the Bags, one of the bands that was part of the original LA punk wave. Since then, she’s put out a whole lot of music and written a couple of books. Last year, she released Blueprint, an album that included contributions from fellow luminaries like Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe. And today, she’s got a song about how Nazis, being bad, will not get any Christmas presents.

Bag recorded “No Gifts For Nazis” with her Alice Bag Band, and it’s a big, fun song that clocks in just under two minutes and crams in a lot of hooks. Its lyrics are pretty straightforward: “You were warned, there is a list / You have made St. Nick truly pissed / All you white supremacists / Kris Kringle has no time for fascists.” (Cristy C. Road did the cover art, which rules.) Listen below.

“No Gifts For Nazis” is out now on Get Better Records.

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