Deap Lips (The Flaming Lips & Deap Vally) – “Hope Hell High”

Most of this year, Wayne Coyne has been teasing a collaborative record between the Flaming Lips and the LA garage-rock duo Deap Vally. That album has been officially announced today. The hybrid band is called, sensibly enough, Deap Lips; sadly, they are not doing a mashup of “Royal Jelly” and “She Don’t Use Jelly” that I know of.

Deap Lips’ self-titled album is out in March, and our first preview is a track called “Hope Hell High.” On first listen, it sounds exactly like a Deap Vally song produced by the Flaming Lips, with those Steven Drodz synth parts and digital drum burbles ushering the music into that classic Soft Bulletin/Yoshimi sweet spot. The grand finale makes good use of the phrase, “It’s a motherfucker, it’s a motherfucker/ Blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam.”

A bit earlier in the song, the chorus goes, “I got a long, long way to go,” but I dunno, seems to me Deap Vally have arrived fully formed. Hear “Hope Hell High” below.

01 “Home Thru Hell”
02 “One Thousand Sisters With Aluminum Foil Calculators”
03 “Shit Talkin”
04 “Hope Hell High”
05 “Motherfuckers Got To Go”
06 “Love is A Mind Control”
07 “Wandering Witches”
08 “The Pusher”
09 “Not A Natural Man”
10 “There Is Know Right There Is Know Wrong”

Deap Lips is out 3/13 on Cooking Vinyl. Pre-order it here.