Frankie valet – “Soft Skin”

St. Louis band Frankie valet released their debut album, Stop Apologizing, in 2018, and they’re following it up with a new full-length called Waterfowl at the beginning of the year. They specialize in dreamy and pressing fuzz-pop songs, and lead single “Soft skin” is one of their best ones yet. It starts off gauzy and slow but builds as it goes along, adding in an infectious doo doo melody and crunchy ascending guitars that spin out in a whirl. “Soft skin, I’m taking you in,” Alison Setili sings, her voice getting lost in a blanket of noise. “Tell me how/ You’re feeding my doubts/ A mixing bowl/ Still picking you out.” Listen below.

01 “Nakid”
02 “Water foul”
03 “Engulfed”
04 “Theo”
05 “Soft skin”
06 “Wilt”
07 “Our apartment”
08 “Try not to think”
09 “You found me out”
10 “Alright okay”

Waterfowl is out 2/7 via It Takes Time Records. Pre-order it here.