Brian Eno Shares New Song “Everything’s On The Up With The Tories” Ahead Of UK Election

The UK general election will take place this Thursday, and Brian Eno has shared quite an original song ahead of the vote. Eno has been extremely vocal about his politics for decades now, and he was among the public figures who signed a letter expressing support for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming election.

Naturally, the title of his new song, “Everything’s On The Up With The Tories,” is deeply tongue-in-cheek. It’s a very British jaunt that lays into the party of Boris Johnson. Some lyrics: “Everything’s up the creek with the Blue Boys/ They’re selling off the NHS to cowboys/ They’re cutting back on nurses, but investing it in hearses, the nitwits, and the we-don’t-have-a-clue boys.”

And more: “Everything’s on the up with the righties/ Who worship at the feet of Trump Almighty/ There’s people in the street without a bloody crust to eat/ But everything’s on the up with the Tories.”

If you’re in the UK, find a guide to voting here and check out Eno’s song below.

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