Girl Who Threw A Chair From A Balcony Is No Longer In Drake’s “War” Video

Throwing chairs from condo balconies is not wavy, and Drake is willing to have his music videos reedited to make sure you know that. Two days ago, Drake released his new single, the UK drill-influenced “War.” In the murkily shot video, Drake attempted to look tough while skiing. The version of the video that’s out now is different from the one that hit the internet on Christmas Eve. All shots of a certain chair-throwing girl have been removed.

According to TMZ, One of the extras from the “War” video was a 20-year-old Toronto woman named Marcella Zoia. Zoia, as the Toronto Sun reports, is currently awaiting sentencing on charges of mischief causing danger to life. Zoia recently posted an Instagram video of herself throwing a chair from her 45th-floor condo in Toronto. (That TMZ article has the video. It is stupid.) The chair didn’t hit anyone, but it did fall onto a busy highway. The footage went viral, and Zoia has been attempting to use that moment of fame for more social-media infamy. She’s looking at a possible six months in prison.

Drake posted a new version of the “War” video without any shots of Zoia, and in a message on his Instagram story, he wrote, “I don’t choose the extras for my video by the way… Certain people we don’t condone. New version available now.”

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