Mush – “Revising My Fee”

It’s pretty well-established at this point that there’s a whole new generation of buzzy post-punk bands coming out of England. Here’s another one for the list: Mush, the Leeds quartet who came together over a mutual love of Pavement but fit right in with the loose array of British bands who sound descended from the late ’70s in some form or another. The band is releasing their debut album 3D Routine next month, and have already previewed it via “Eat The Etiquette.” And today they’re back with another one.

Titled “Revising My Fee,” Mush’s latest single might be inspired by generational conditions in their home country but it’d be pretty easy to relate to for 20-somethings here in the States, too. Here’s what frontman Dan Hyndman had to say about it:

This song a gripe about work/life balance and the generational divide. Income to rent ratios. And essentially just how financially poor the younger generation tend to be currently. Lots of debt, very little home ownership prospects. Lots of patronising chatter in the media about pre-made sandwiches and ready meals bankrupting a generation out of home ownership, ignoring the backdrop of a decade of austerity: “meal-deal critique, aspirational creed.” The younger generations are now told they are not go getters the way the baby boomers, largely responsible for how shit things are now, supposedly were.

Musically, “Revising My Fee” begins knotty and propulsive, plugging along as Hyndman nasally sneers the chorus in clipped, frantic bursts. Towards the end, the song unspools into a bunch of frayed guitar solos. Check it out below.

3D Routine is out 2/14 via Memphis Industries. Pre-order it here.

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