Pearl Jam Tease “Gigaton” In Augmented Reality

Pearl Jam are up to something, and that something may or may not be teasing a new album called Gigaton via a worldwide augmented reality scavenger hunt. An interactive map on the band’s website reveals coordinates in cities around the world, and fans who made the trek to those locations found giant billboards with what appears to be cover artwork and the word “Gigaton” on them. Viewing them through the Gigaton Instagram filter plays a snippet of sound and shows an animation of polar ice caps melting. (The melting of polar ice caps is measured in gigatons.)

Although “Gigaton” could be the name of a single or something and nothing has been confirmed yet, Italian fan site Pearl Jam Online reports that Gigaton is indeed the 11th Pearl Jam album and will be released in March. The artwork on on the billboards is apparently shot by renowned arctic wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen. See below.

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What makes a work of art timeless? This is obviously a very subjective question, but I want to share my personal take on this topic through my photos. To me, my work is timeless because what I photograph is not timeless at all. When I am shooting, I am looking to capture a unique moment that will never occur again. The animals and places in my work are not promised tomorrow, and it is my mission to capture their elegance and grace to be preserved in time. My photos depict the delicate pieces to the larger picture of a troubled planet. Always remember that hope is not lost, and it is through my work that I wish to inspire, uplift and provoke change in these unique times. Visit the link in my bio to explore all of my fine art. To learn more, please contact Lauren at [email protected]

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