Mandy Moore – “Save A Little For Yourself”

Back when she was 15, Mandy Moore began her public life as a figure in the late-’90s teenpop wave. Since then, Moore has grown up in public, and she’s found a great deal of success as an actress, especially on the NBC family drama This Is Us. For years, Moore put her musical career on hold, and that had something to do with her troubled marriage to Ryan Adams. (Last year, Moore was one of the women who came forward to publicly discuss Adams’ abusive behavior.) But now Moore is returning to music, and she’s just announced her first album in a decade.

This March, Moore will release Silver Landings, her follow-up to 2009’s Amanda Leigh. On the new album, Moore dives into classic California singer-songwriter pop, working with a band that includes former Rilo Kiley member Jason Boesel and Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith, Moore’s husband. Moore recorded the LP with producer Mike Viola, her longtime collaborator. “When I Wasn’t Watching,” the single that Moore released last year, is on the album. So is the new track “Save A Little For Yourself,” which Moore shared this morning.

“Save A Little For Yourself” is a warm, accessible song about learning to be strong but vulnerable. Moore co-wrote it with Goldsmith, Viola, and Selena Gomez collaborator Sean Douglas. In the bare-bones video, Moore sings the song with her band while golden-hour sunlight slants through a window. Below, check out the video, the new album’s tracklist, and what Moore has to say about “Save A Little For Yourself.”

01 “I’d Rather Lose”
02 “Save A Little For Yourself”
03 “Fifteen”
04 “Tryin’ My Best Los Angeles”
05 “Easy Target”
06 “When I Wasn’t Watching”
07 “Forgiveness”
08 “Stories Reminding Myself Of Me”
09 “If That’s What It Takes”
10 “Silver Landings”

Of the new song, Moore says:

Sometimes writing a song feels like giving myself the advice I know I need the most and it’s often the hardest to heed. It makes the song almost a mantra of sorts — something I know I’ll continue learning because it bears repeating.

“Save a Little for Yourself” is sort of the other half of a love song that we don’t always talk about or acknowledge. Sure, we should open ourselves up, let people in and love them as wholly as possible but none of that carries any water if we’re not taking care of ourselves first and foremost. It might not be as romantic, but it’s an equally important part of the equation.

Silver Landings is out 3/6 on Verve Forecast.

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