Oblivion Access 2020 Lineup

For the past few years, the Austin Terror Fest has been bringing scuzzy noise and metal to the capital of Texas. This year, Austin Terror Fest is returning, but it’s increased its scope and changed its name. This time around, it’s calling itself Oblivion Access, and the festival has roped in a bunch of big names from the intersecting worlds of noise, metal, hardcore, psych, and rap. It’ll come to two Austin venues, Empire Control Room & Garage and the Mohawk, over the weekend of 6/5-7.

The headliners are mostly legends on some level or another: Carcass, Youth Of Today, Swans. (How do you feel about festivals still booking Swans after the rape accusation? You’ll have to decide if you’re thinking about going to this.) The rest of the lineup veers all across the extreme-music continuum, and it features people like Daughters, Duster, Zola Jesus, Lil Ugly Mane, a Place To Bury Strangers, Melt-Banana, Coven, Windhand, MIKE, Anna Von Hausswolff, Cough, Thou, Ringworm, Fury, Candy, Portrayal Of Guilt, Judiciary, Big Brave, and Creeping Death, as well as a collaborative set from Uniform and the Body.

Even beyond the headliners, this festival is awfully heavy on legends from various outsider-music subgenres. This is the rare festival where you can see artists who were truly important to the development of things like metalcore (Converge), death metal (Autopsy), grindcore (Repulsion), thrash metal (Vio-Lence), powerviolence (Despise You), avant-rap (Kool Keith), and occult psych (Coven).