Endless Boogie – “Jerome” (Feat. Stephen Malkmus & Matt Sweeney)

There exists a subset of indie rock artists I associate with record store clerks and collectors. Usually it’s a bit skuzzier and meaner than whatever’s popping in the indie mainstream, maintaining that old aversion to selling out or even crossing over. This music tends to be worshipful toward rock’s ragtag early days and an expansive pantheon artists operating deeper underground than the critical favorites who tend to graduate into bigger festival poster fonts two or three albums in. Endless Boogie, a band founded by a professional record collector and Matador Records employees in 1997, naturally fits into that lineage.

Paul Major’s band is back today with a new guitar rager called “Jerome.” It’s the A-side to an upcoming split 7″ with Weak Signal on the esteemed Wharf Cat label. “Jerome” is a straight-ahead rocket of a song blessed by J Mascis-style theatrics from guest guitarists Stephen Malkmus and Matt Sweeney, a duo who also just announced a folksy Malkmus solo record they made with the Decemberists’ Chris Funk. So, big day for fans of Stephen Malkmus and Matt Sweeney, and of Endless Boogie, and of gnarled and churlish underground rock music in general.

Sweeney says “Jerome” has a “thug-assed jacked-up Saturday-night vibe.” Hear it below.

The Endless Boogie / Weak Signal split is out 2/28 on Wharf Cat. Pre-order it here.