Soakie – “Nuke The Frats” & “Boys On Stage”

“There are too many fucking boys onstage!” That is how you start a song. Soakie, a hardcore punk band that formed in Melbourne, are coming out with their self-titled debut EP next month, and from all available evidence, they are not fucking around.

None of the members of Soakie actually come from Australia. Instead, two are from America, and two are from New Zealand. In 2018, the band put out a hard-ripping demo on Australia’s Blow Blood label. They’ll follow it up next month with their self-titled record. “Boys On Stage,” the above-quoted track, is a righteous rant about the lack of gender equality within punk rock. (It originally appeared on that demo.) Opening track “Nuke The Frats” is even more self-explanatory. Both songs are fast, feverish, and just as fun as they are angry. Listen to both below.

The Soakie 12″ is out 2/10 on La Vida Es Un Musos Discos.

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