Coriky – “Clean Kill”

Back in in November 2018, Ian MacKaye, Amy Farina, and Joe Lally played their first show togther as a then-unnamed band in a Washington, DC church. At the time, they said they had been playing in a basement since 2015. They, of course, have history: MacKaye and Farina are married and played together as the Evens; Lally formed Fugazi with MacKaye. The three of them have since played a few more shows under the name Coriky, and that’s the name they’ll be using when they put out their debut album together next month.

The self-titled Coriky was recorded with Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios last year — MacKaye plays guitar, Farina plays drums, Lally plays bass, and they all sing. It’ll be out on 3/27 via Dischord, and today the band are sharing its lead single, “Clean Kill.” It’s soft and melodic, and all three of their voices come together for its chorus: “It’s a clean kill, it’s a clean kill, but it’s not clean.” There’s some more piercing bash-outs toward the end of the track which suggest the album might have some harder edges, but “Clean Kill” certainly goes down pretty clean.

Listen to it below.

01 “Clean Kill”
02 “Hard To Explain”
03 “Say Yes”
04 “Have A Cup Of Tea”
05 “Too Many Husbands”
06 “BQM”
07 “Last Thing”
08 “Jack Says”
09 “Shedileebop”
10 “Inauguration Day”
11 “Woulda Coulda”

Coriky is out 3/27 via Dischord. Pre-order it here or here.