Drain – “Sick One”

Santa Cruz hardcore warriors Drain don’t have an album out yet, but they’ve already fully established a reputation as one of the most purely fun bands in the genre. Their live show looks absolutely ridiculous, and their two-song 2019 promo has some of the best cover art of the past few years. The band’s sound — old-school California fight music, with a generous whiff of ’80s thrash-metal — is an adrenaline-charged blast. So it’s great to be able to report that Drain’s debut album is now on the way.

California Cursed, the first Drain LP, is coming out this spring. Both “Army Of One” and “California Cursed,” the two songs from that promo with the sharks, will be on the album. And so will the song that the band dropped today: A wild and euphorically ferocious minute-long rager called “Sick One.” Check it out alongside the California Cursed tracklist below.

In a press release, frontman Sam Ciaramitaro says:

With writing California Cursed we kept it very organic and just got into a room together and tossed ideas around until we had songs that we felt were catchy, full of big riffs, and had no filler. Aside from wanting to have wild live shows, we had no intentions, no connections, and no expectations when we started. We had to start at the very bottom and build ourselves up, and we have been very humbled through the ride.

01 “Feel The Pressure”
02 “Hyper Vigilance”
03 “Sick One”
04 “Army Of One”
05 “Character Fraud”
06 “Hollister Daydreamer”
07 “White Coat Syndrome”
08 “The Process Of Weeding Out”
09 “Bad Faith”
10 “California Cursed”

California Cursed is out 4/10 on Revelation Records.

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