Otoboke Beaver – “Dirty Old Fart Is Waiting For My Reaction”

The erratic, fired-up Japanese punks Otoboke Beaver released the fun-as-hell compilation album Itekoma Hits last year, and they just dropped a the new one-off single “I Am Not Maternal” last week. Today, they’ve got another new jam out in the world. They’re calling it “counterprogramming for Valentine’s Day.” It’s a delirious minute-long fuck-you with the absolutely delightful title “Dirty Old Fart Is Waiting For My Reaction.”

The song has an ONIONSKIN-directed music video, and it plays out as a sort of comedy sketch, with the song as a punchline. The plot: Some weirdo is hitting the band up with unsolicited DMs, saying things like, “U like blues? U must! I’ll take u to some nice blues bars.” The band then hits back with a furious spazz-out rager where they call him “a tenacious sulky troublesome ass.” (The English subtitles are helpful.) The whole thing is both funny and poignant, and it’s a good reminder to never be this guy. Check out the video below.

In a press release, Otoboke Beaver say:

This song is about unrelenting person. Such a person that insist to talk to you many times in spite of saying NO. It is not about specific person, but various experiences I think many people has had, especially on the internet. The internet has been good to Otoboke Beaver, but it can be a strange and cruel place. It’s ok if you don’t like our music. But when we get comments about things with no relation to our music, we wonder… do you really have so much free time like this??

You can buy “Dirty Old Fart Is Waiting For My Reaction” at Bandcamp.