A Fan Survey From Valentine’s Day At The Blood Incantation Show

Blood Incantation at Saint Vitus

A Fan Survey From Valentine’s Day At The Blood Incantation Show

Blood Incantation at Saint Vitus

On this past Friday one of the hottest tickets in Brooklyn was the sold-out show from Blood Incantation, the psychedelic Denver death metal band that earned surprisingly widespread acclaim with the recent Hidden History Of The Human Race. (Like-minded local acts Dysrhythmia and Artificial Brain opened.) It also happened to be Valentine’s Day. So we sent photographer Stephanie Augello to photograph and chat with some of the couples and non-couples who chose to spend their Hallmark Holiday at Saint Vitus Bar taking in some colossal metal from one of our favorite albums of the past year.

Gashan, 41
Julianne, 34

Why do you think Hidden History Of The Human Race has been a crossover with non-metal listeners?
G: We’re in the Internet memeable age. Subject matter and live performance allows what they project to carry over into meme territory. Things like conspiracies, aliens, Area 51. Their songs are very catchy and easy to digest, while also being technical and progressive. They also tour a lot and have viral, mass appeal.

Are Blood Incantation hipster metal now?
G: Quote me on this. Fuck that hipster talk bullshit. Just because a lot of people like a band doesn’t make them a hipster band. By them being as popular as they are, they bring more attention to other smaller metal bands.

What’s the most romantic death metal song?
G: Vastum, “Intrusions.”
J: Bloodbath, “Eaten.” It talks about eating the insides of someone, and that’s what a person really wants.

Em, 21
Racecar, 23

Where do you live?
E: Rhode Island.
R: Here and now.

Why do you think Blood Incantation’s latest album has been such a hit with non-metal listeners?
E: I don’t know much about their fan base, but their album art is really cool. They’re very invested in the whole story. They’re psychedelic, which speaks to a state of mind, and not just a genre.

What’s a good romantic beverage to pair with the album?
R: Absinthe.
E: Chamomile tea.

Who dragged whom here?
R: We dragged each other. The perfect Valentine’s Day love triangle is death metal, cherubs/chocolate, consent.

Sarah, 30
Dylan, 30

Why do you think Hidden History Of The Human Race has crossed over with non-metal listeners?
D: From one angle, it’s a production thing. People can look at the record and appreciate that. It taps into a kind of younger self. People seem to be really into aliens these days. The Colorado metal scene is really unique. A lot of good metal bands. Maybe we’ll see more bands come out of the Southwest scenes because of them.
S: There was also the Baby Yoda meme. They always seem self-aware.

What’s a good romantic wine or adult beverage that goes well with the album?
D: A craft beer that has a funny name. Some weirdo Colorado beer.

How’d you two meet?
D: We met at a Weedeater concert.

Joe, 30
Kristin, 30

Are you OG Blood Incantation fans?
J: I’ve been listening to them and Spectral Voice for four years.

What’s a good romantic beverage that goes with the album?
J: Hudson Valley Brewing and Brick City Brewing. I drink a lot of craft beer.

What’s the most romantic death metal song?
J: Gotta be “Fucked With A Knife” by Cannibal Corpse. It’s a perfect song.
K: Black metal is more romantic.

Who dragged whom here?
K: Definitely Joe. We live in New Jersey.

Leanna, 27
Eric, 28
Arnau, 32

What do you think about Blood Incantation’s crossover success?
A: We’ve been fans since the previous record. I’ve been talking to people outside the metal scene. I casually mentioned this show, and people like them. I would have never expected that. It’s interesting that it happens with this band and not other bands. There are so many other bands that are equally as good, but nobody gives a shit about them.

L: Metal is kinda hipster now anyway. That [Rory] Culkin movie about Mayhem — Lords Of Chaos. Black metal art is trending. This band has created a brand that separates them from other bands.

What’s the most romantic death metal song?
E: “Chainsaw Gutsfuck” by Mayhem. That’s what I want my partners to do to me.

How’d you end up choosing this to do for Valentine’s Day?
L: I’m single, so I’m gonna spend my night in a room with hot sweaty metal dudes.

Dan, 33

You’re here from Glendale.
D: I’m the Production Manager, so I’m running the show. My wife is happily home asleep … and not mad as far as I know. We never did Valentine’s Day until l was on tour, and was gonna miss it. Then I was in trouble. I handled it well, and FedExed gifts and $20 for roses to a friend who had access to our apartment. They laid everything out, and I was no longer in trouble. I crushed that gift.


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