Wye Oak – “Walk Soft”

Over the past year, Wye Oak have shared a handful of seriously great standalone tracks. First, there was the Adult Swim single “Evergreen” last February. More recently, there was “Fortune” and “Fear Of Heights,” both in the lead up to their forthcoming JOIN tour — for which they’ll expand their lineup to quintet as they play songs from across not only Wye Oak’s catalog, but also from their solo projects. (All of these new songs ranked amongst our favorites in their respective weeks.) Now, with the JOIN tour right around the corner, they’re back with one more called “Walk Soft.”

A press release describes “Walk Soft” as lyrically and thematically continuing on from where “Fear Of Heights” ended. Here’s what Jenn Wasner had to say about it:

When I was younger, I used to work at a stable taking care of horses. I thought they were the most beautiful animals on earth, and seemingly so gentle, so it took me a while to learn that they could also be dangerous, if only because they were so much bigger than I was. Love is like this, too — the bigger it feels, the more power it holds. True beauty should be frightening.

Following 2018’s The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs synthesizing the sound of Shriek with elements of the original Wye Oak aesthetic, these new tracks have felt like a more direct callback to old-school Wye Oak, or at least the transitions documented on Tween. “Walk Soft” more or less continues that, while also being, appropriately enough, the softest of Wye Oak’s recent singles. It’s another pretty Wye Oak track, with just a slight amount of trepidation — reflecting Wasner’s meditation on treading carefully around true beauty. Check it out below.

In addition to “Walk Soft,” the band has also shared a mini-doc digging into a bit of their history and how the JOIN tour will be different.

The JOIN tour kicks off next week. The full list of dates — and tickets — are available here.

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