Elizabeth Warren Going In On Michael Bloomberg Is Even Better With “Ether” In The Background

Last night, most of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates got together in Las Vegas for their bloodthirstiest debate yet. The reason for the carnage: This was the first debate to include Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor and unctuous billionaire prick. Everyone else onstage spent the evening going in hard on Bloomberg, and nobody went in harder than Elizabeth Warren, who happened to be standing right next to the man.

Warren and the other Democrats had plenty of reasons to go after Bloomberg: The history of legally actionable workplace sexism, the way he ran New York as a racist militarized police state, the offshore tax havens, the utter refusal to consider policies that would make anyone’s life better in any meaningful way, the smug condescension, the general idea that some rich asshole could buy his way into the presidential race by carpet-bombing the world with ads. All of the other candidates made those points against Bloomberg during the debate. Warren laid out most of them in a 30-second broadside at the beginning of the evening while Bloomberg stood two feet from her. You don’t have to be a Warren supporter to find the spectacle beautiful.

It’s since become more beautiful, since the Twitter user @AyoTristan made the simple move of putting the beat from Nas’ 2001 broadside “Ether” under that broadside. This shit got me fired up this morning. See if you feel the same way.

She’ll prove you lost already.