Perlee – “Charlie’s Song”

Perlee — the Berlin-based duo formerly known as Pearly — first caught our attention last fall, with their elusive debut single “Chain Of Coral.” It was a promising first glimpse of the band, and it turns out we’re going to hear more soon. Today, Perlee have announced that their first EP, Slow Creature, will be out at the end of March. Along with the announcement, they have shared a new single called “Charlie’s Song.”

The two members of Perlee — Cormac O’Keeffe and Saramai Leech — both originally hail from Ireland, and for a while had been living and making music in a removed countryside home. But a couple years ago, they relocated to Berlin, which apparently reshaped their lives as artists. “Though we moved to Berlin with a trove of songs, the bulk of the EP was written after we arrived in Germany,” O’Keeffe explained in a press release. “The Berlin scene has pushed us in ways we don’t even fully realize yet. There’s been a great freedom in living in such a big city.”

Though moving to Berlin catalyzed a new creative period for the duo, “Charlie’s Song” was an important song left over from their time in Ireland. You could see why this is the one that stuck with them from the past. Beginning in a sort of grey afternoon reverie, “Charlie’s Song” blooms into a chorus, Leech and O’Keeffe’s voices intertwining as they sing “You’re in my mind/ At the break of day, in the dead of night.” Fittingly, the melody sounds like someone’s heart opening up to another person. “Charlie’s Song” is also accompanied by a video. Check it out below.

The Slow Creature EP is out 3/27 via Greenbay Records.

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