Elder – “Embers”

Elder have announced Omens, the progressive psychedelic rock band’s fifth full-length album and their first record since last year’s experimental EP The Gold & Silver Sessions. Composed as a concept album about the lifespan of a civilization and recorded with a new lineup including guitarist Michael Risberg, new drummer Georg Edert, and guest performer Fabio Cuomo on Rhodes piano and synthesizers, Omens will be out at the end of April. Quoth frontman Nick DiSalvo:

To me, Omens is our most complete work to date: a set of songs that express the breadth of the band’s collective influences. After recording The Gold & Silver Sessions EP, it felt like we fully scratched the itch to explore our minimalist side, taking a step back from the proggy song structures and heavy guitar work of our previous records and just letting the music drift along. When beginning to work on Omens, the goal was to integrate these two tendencies in the band — to make a modern day progressive rock record, but also to take time to jam and float when need be. Most importantly, I feel the spirit of adventure in our music is alive and well, and we missed no opportunity to bring in a whole new arsenal of sounds to the record.

Lead single “Embers,” one of five tracks on the LP, is an expansive 11-minute odyssey of heaviness, and you can experience it for yourself below.

01 “Omens”
02 “In Procession”
03 “Halcyon”
04 “Embers”
05 “One Light Retreating”

Omens is out 4/24 via Armageddon Shop (US). Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Anait Sagoyan
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