Stream The Native Cats’ Two Creation Myths 7″

The Native Cats are a duo from the Tasmanian town of Hobart who’ve been at it for a dozen years now, making noise alongside likeminded Australian underground fixtures like UV Race and Total Control’s Mikey Young. Chloe Alison Escott handles vocals and an array of synths, drum machines, and more while Julian Teakle plays the bass. Escott’s wry, conversational lyrics seem to exist in conversation with Teakle’s bass lines, yielding post-punk deconstructions in thrall to the Fall but pared down to bones and sinew.

They recently released a new 7″ called Two Creation Myths designed “to commemorate the conclusion of the band’s first 12-year cycle and the commencement of their next one.” It makes for a striking entry point to their catalog, pairing immersive yet minimal music with lyrics that will send your imagination reeling.

Escott, who transitioned genders a few years ago, writes with visceral power about trying to make sense of life: “I felt my body happening to people on the street,” she sings on “Run With The Roses.” The song is strewn with lines like that, gnarled poetry that feels like uncontrollable creative impulse spilling over. The B-side, “Sanremo,” is more hypnotic and pretty while maintaining its predecessor’s sense of smoldering tumult.

The band included this note with the new release:

These songs were written and recorded in Nipaluna.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the muwinina people, who are the traditional owners of the land.

Sovereignty was never ceded.

Hear Two Creation Myths below, where you can also watch a video for “Run With The Roses.”

Two Creation Myths is out now on Rough Skies Records. Purchase it here.