Jordana – “Crunch”

Jordana – “Crunch”

Jordana Nye is a 19-year-old musician from the Chesapeake Bay town of White Beach, Maryland. For the past couple of years, she’s been making blurry, hooky, incisive bedroom-pop songs and posting those songs to SoundCloud and Bandcamp. These days, she’s living in Wichita, Kansas, and she’s put together a backing band there. Last year, Nye recorded and self-released her debut album Classical Notions Of Happiness. People were into it. So now Jordana is getting ready to release a remastered, expanded version of Classical Notions Of Happiness on an actual album. She’s leveling up.

It’s always slightly intimidating to get into an artist who’s already been honing her voice over years on the internet. So I’m delighted to report that “Crunch,” one of the new songs on the expanded Classical Notions is a great jumping-off point. The song is extremely ’90s — a hazy lo-fi pop joint full of muffled guitar riffs and dreamy harmonies and jittery breakbeats. If you’ve ever been into Luscious Jackson or Folk Implosion, then you’re in good hands here. Check it out below.

In a press release, Nye says:

“Crunch” is a feeling of an overbearing want for validation from someone and getting the cold shoulder from them. The song starts out with the confidence in knowing this person could possibly notice you and ends in anger and frustration seeing that they ignored you, established by a distorted guitar solo.

Classical Notions Of Happiness is out 3/27 on Grand Jury.

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