Rotting Out – “Unforgiven”

Rotting Out – “Unforgiven”

The San Pedro hardcore band Rotting Out have had a wild, tumultuous history. They first came together in 2007, released a couple of albums, toured hard, and perfected a bouncy, catchy sound informed by Southern California’s long history of skate-punk. Rotting Out broke up in 2015, and frontman Walter Delgado was arrested in Ohio in 2016 when police found 70 pounds of marijuana hidden in his van. Delgado served an 18-month prison sentence. When he got out, Rotting Out reformed and headlined LA’s Sound & Fury Festival in 2018. Since then, Rotting Out have been touring even harder than they were in their first go-around. Last year, they came back with a really good song called “Reaper.” And now they’ve announced a new album, their first in seven years.

This spring, Rotting Out will follow up 2013’s The Wrong Way with the new LP Ronin. Today, they share the new jam “Unforgiven,” a revved-up shout-along. Delgado’s vocals are wilder and more Tasmanian Devil-esque than they’ve ever been, and with Rotting Out’s beefed-up production, that’s going to be a stumbling block for some people. But after playing “Unforgiven” a few times, I’ve come to really like the hard splat of that voice. Check the song out below.

In a press release, Delgado says:

“Unforgiven” was everything imprinted on me as a child from abusive parent. Made to believe every bad experience was my own fault and unable to forgive myself for situations that were not only not my fault but far beyond my control. Now as an adult I try undo and forgive myself for things I never even did, apologizing for the actions of ghosts, feeling stuck like there’s no way out completely exhausted by guilt that doesn’t belong to me.

Ronin is out 4/10 on Pure Noise Records.

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