Juicy J Says “Fuk Columbia Records,” Takes It Back

Juicy J slammed his record label…and then took it all back. Variety reports that the rapper and Three 6 Mafia member tweeted “Fuck @Columbia Records I’m gonna leak my whole album stay tuned” before dropping a diss track — called “Fuk Columbia Records,” naturally — on SoundCloud.

“If I waited on Columbia then I’d be out here broke/ I sold albums, sold out tours, but I never sold my soul,” Juicy J raps on the track. “Nigga do all this fuckin’ grindin’, hustling 24/7/ Soon as my shit start bubblin’ up, they want all the credit.”

The track artwork is a 1990s Warner Bros.-era photo of prince with “Slave” written on his face, and it concludes with Prince’s acceptance speech for Artist Of The Decade at the 2000 Soul Train Awards: “As long as you’re signed to a contract, you will take a minority share of the winnings.”

In another tweet, Juicy J added, “I gave Columbia Records 20+ years of my life,” he wrote in one of Saturday’s tweets, “and they treat me like backwash.” But he seems to have now resolved the dispute with his label, as the diss track and angry tweets have been removed.

“Spoke to @ColumbiaRecords,” Juicy J wrote in a new tweet. “We are all good!”

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