Lisel – “Specters” & “Rabbit Rabbit”

Lisel – “Specters” & “Rabbit Rabbit”

You might know Los Angeles-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Eliza Bagg from her band Pavo Pavo. Or maybe you tuned in last year when she embarked on a new solo project as Lisel. Bagg’s early Lisel songs captured and held our attention until the release of her remarkable self-produced debut album, Angels On The Slope. Today, she’s expanding her intoxicating body of work with a pair of songs from a new 7″.

On this record, a collaboration with Angel Olsen associate Ben Babbitt, Bagg exceeds her previously defined thresholds — which at moments seems impossible considering her already interdisciplinary approach. But by fusing an experimental pop sound with her innovative classical expertise, Bagg has created something truly unearthly. Both tracks are incredible, but I like “Specters” just a tad more. Above the gleaming synth runs sit Bagg’s Auto-Tuned vocals, a mechanism that could’ve easily been a pitfall. Instead, it’s a deft touch that allows the vocals to outshine the deep bass. In summary, this release slaps. Hard.

Listen to “Specters” and “Rabbit Rabbit” below.

The “Specters” & “Rabbit Rabbit” 7″ is out now via Luminelle. Buy it here.

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