Dark Morph (Jónsi & CM Hausswolff) – “Dark Wave”

Dark Morph (Jónsi & CM Hausswolff) – “Dark Wave”

Dark Morph is a collaboration between Sigur Rós’s Jónsi and composer and visual artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff. They released their first album together last year and they’re following it up in May with Dark Morph II. They recorded it in Fiji and Tonga, and its lead single, “Dark Wave,” uses found sounds of whales, shrimps, and boat movement in the Pacific Ocean.

The album as a whole is dedicated to oceans and oceans life. “The exploitation of the oceans, in conjunction with the heavy pollution (from plastic waste to nuclear radio-activity) has to stop, and be replaced by collaborative manners co-operating with all life on or globe,” the duo said in a statement.

Listen to “Dark Wave” below.

01 “Dive In”
02 “Humpback Whale Choir”
03 “Dark Wave”

Dark Morph II is out 5/1 via Pomperipossa Records, which is the label run by Carl Michael von Hausswolff’s daughter Anna, who makes some pretty good music of her own. Pre-order it here.

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