JoJo Flips “Leave (Get Out)” Into Quarantine Anthem “Chill (Stay In)”

JoJo has carved out a solid career as a cult-favorite pop artist, but she remains best known for “Leave (Get Out),” the pop-R&B smash she released in 2004 at the age of 13. (She actually charted even higher with 2006’s “Too Little, Too Late,” but that’s neither here nor there.) Like most people, JoJo is in self-quarantine right now, and she has used the opportunity to transform “Leave (Get Out)” into a coronavirus PSA urging others to retreat into their homes as well.

The newly reworked “Chill (Stay In)” is all about how JoJo would love a quarantine bae but is not willing to risk spreading COVID-19 by hitting the sheets with a guy who foolishly flouted the rules of social distancing with a covert trip to the bar. She sang it a cappella while pounding her dining room table a la Anna Kendrick’s cups song in Pitch Perfect, with some on-point ad libs mimicking the ones from the original song.

The new lyrics are both funny and extremely wise. The chorus: “Stay in right now/ Do it for humanity/ I’m deadass about that/ But we will survive.” A line from the verse: “I never thought Corona could be such a nasty bitch/ But now that she’s here boy, all I want is for you to use common sense.” The bridge: “I wanted you right here with me/ But it’s a fucking quarantine/ And you know I’m horny/ But let’s heed the warnings!”

Check it out below.

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