Stream Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti’s New Cavanaugh EP Quarantine Recordings

Like the rest of us, musicians are all holed up in quarantine right now with nothing to do. Unlike the rest of us, they can spend that copious free time making and releasing music. Rappers Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti teamed up under the name Cavanaugh in 2015 for Time & Materials, a concept album about two resident handymen at a mixed-income housing development in Florida. And now, they’re back with a new EP called Quarantine Recordings. As Open Mike Eagle explains:

we started making these songs a couple years ago and never finished them. we have plans of putting them out as vinyl-only but vinyl costs a lot. since we’re quarantined and are trying to replace lost income from shows we decided to put them out over the bandcamps to stimulate our personal economies. these are our quarantine recordings and we appreciate your support.

I made all the beats and did all the mixing and it isnt mastered so it sounds weird in the ways that I like.

- mike

Stream Quarantine Recordings below.