Dirty Projectors – “Search For Life”

Dirty Projectors – “Search For Life”

It’s been a fruitful couple of years for Dirty Projectors’ fans. Ever since Dave Longstreth kick-started a new era of the project with 2017’s self-titled outing, he’s been releasing music at a pretty steady clip. Lamp Lit Prose and the live in-studio collection Sing The Melody followed, and just a couple weeks ago we heard the new track “Overlord.” It turns out that wasn’t just a standalone single, but the first taste of a new EP.

That EP is called Windows Open and it’ll be out this Friday, 3/27. As with “Overlord,” each of the four songs on the EP features lead vocals from guitarist Maia Friedman. And while Longstreth is certainly still running the Dirty Projectors ship — writing the music, but also taking on production and mixing duties, while splitting lyrics with Friedman — the EP marks the first bit of work from the band he put together for the Lamp Lit Prose tour.

Along with the announcement, Dirty Projectors have shared another new song called “Search For Life.” It boasts the kind of intricate, baroque orchestration Dirty Projectors and their particular era of Brooklyn indie are known for. Gentle acoustic guitar provides the backbone of the whole thing, while all kinds of strings and background vocals rise up around Friedman’s wistful performance. Check it out below.


O1 “On The Breeze”
O2 “Overlord”
O3 “Search For Life”
O4 “Guarding The Baby”

CREDIT: Jason Frank Rothenburg

Windows Open is out 3/27. Pre-order it here.

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