Jordana – “Sway”

Later this month, Jordana Nye will release a new version of Classical Notions Of Happiness, the debut album that she self-released last year. The 19-year-old Nye, born in Maryland and based in Wichita, records simply as Jordana, and her sound is a sharply dreamy form of bedroom-pop that can take a lot of different forms. Last month, we posted “Crunch,” one of the previously unreleased songs on the new version of the album; it’s a catchy, jittery ’90s-style jam. Today, Jordana has shared another one of her new songs, and it’s more of a lost R&B flutter.

“Sway,” the new Jordana single, is a hazy slow-drift song about a flustered crush. It’s soft and sweet and intimate: “I’ll sway toward you, I’ll sway/ Yeah, I’ll sway in your immediate direction.” The song works as one more sign that Jordana is not an artist especially concerned with any ideas about genre boundaries. You don’t come out with “Crunch” and then “Sway” if you’re trying to be pigeonholed.

In a press release, Jordana says, “‘Sway’ is a love song about a loss for words — where instead of speaking, a single, shameless movement, a sway, takes place in its absence.” Listen to it below.

Classical Notions Of Happiness is out 3/27 on Grand Jury.

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